CNC milling of aluminum

CNC milling of aluminum

The competition in the electronics market forces the developers and manufacturers of electronic and SHF equipment to pay attention to the functional, ergonomic and operational properties of the products. Innovation, reliability, durability, modern «style» appearance of the proposed electronic and SHF equipment largely determines the choice of consumers. Complications in economic often causing managers of electronic industry to pay attention to net cost of product, carefully analyze significance and optimal price components for all manufactured electronic and SHF devices. One of these components is the cost of work of counterparties, including those who provide services for manufacturing of case parts and assembly units for electronic devices. Also, manufacturers of case parts and assembly units, due to hard competition, try to reduce their costs of services. As an example, you can see a common service as CNC aluminum milling of front panel of electronic devices.

To reduce cost of CNC aluminium milling, can be used fast processing program. Together with this, to reduce the duration of milling of the front panels, you must not abandon the finishing passes, because this often leads to poor quality of the milled surface. Also, after rough milling, there may be «potholes» in the corners of rectangular holes, or «burrs» around the perimeter of the milled connectors, buttons and indicators holes. For high quality standards of aluminum milling, it is unacceptable to save on an expensive cutting tool, because when processing with «old» blunt cutters, not only the quality of surfaces can be bad , but also the linear dimensions of the milled holes, cavities and outer contours of the milled front panels of devices can be distorted.

Appearance electronics largely determines the choice of civil, industrial and consumer electronics. At the same time, there are various ways to reduce the cost of hardware for the SHF without losing the functionality and quality of the appearance of the device. It is important to carefully study this issue and independently find the optimal solution in the choice of manufacturing technology or ask specialists. «ROSTMEH» is aimed at improving the quality of services provided. An excellent understanding of the enterprises of the electronic industry allows us to find a common language with specialists, engineers and managers of these organizations. As a result of cooperation, we are able to offer the best technological solutions that we have accumulated as a result of a long-term activity in the field of contractual production of case parts and assembly units for electronic devices, instrumentation and medical devices, optical and other civil, application.

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